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Here at You Do the Dishes, we believe creativity is the window to the soul. That’s why our studio is dense with creative inspiration – vibrant samples on the shelves, fresh coffee brewing behind the bar, and creativity swirling in the air. When we opened in 1998, we made it our mission to create an artistic haven for every person who walks through our door, no matter the age or skill level. We have ideas to help get your juices flowing, tools and supplies to make it happen, and the You Do Crew to cheer you on through it all.

But, we are more than just pottery – as a full-service coffee bar, we’ve got all the deliciousness that you crave when you’re in your happy place. From specialty espresso drinks to just good ol’ soda, we’ve got the goods to keep you satisfied. We’re proud to serve the best of the best from our neighbors at Joffrey's Coffee, as well as refreshing Tazo tea and tasty Monin real-fruit smoothies.

We believe there is an artist within every one of you, waiting to create something unique and special. 


Come visit us today for an artistic experience you will not forget!

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