Birthday Parties

Pottery parties are the best way to celebrate! 

5-10 Kids

$6/hour per child + pottery

11-20 Kids

$5/hour per child + pottery

20+ Kids

$4/hour per child + pottery

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  • All parties need to be booked at least 1 week in advance and require a $25 minimum deposit (this is subtracted from your bill the day of the party)

  • There is a 1-hour minimum time on all parties.

  • Appropriate party duration varies depending on age and number of kids.

  • Party rates are effective when the party begins and end when clean up is complete and guests leave.

  • For younger kids we strongly recommend coming to the studio ahead of time and pre-selecting a limited amount of pieces for party-goers to choose from.

  • You may bring in food and decorations.

  • Private studio parties available. Please call for more information!